What do we offer in College Placement Oriented Training?


Quantitative Aptitude is the basic mathematical foundational area that companies test in each individual. Usually, 50% of the candidates get eliminated from this round just because of the fact that the logical foundation is missing in the candidates.


English is the language which is understood by almost everyone. Therefore, companies believe that for an effective communication between the client and the engineering team, communication is the most important key performance factor. Usually, out of the remaining 50%, 40% of candidates are again eliminated from this round.


And here comes the most important round of each interview. Usually this
round is carried out in two phases.
First: A written round
Second: Face to Face interview.

**Sometimes, two or three F2F rounds may be there depending upon the companies.


Most of the time, a candidate thinks that he/she has cleared all the rounds, now it will go in the flow. But it’s not like that. Companies have this special round to test your personality. Being perfectionist in academics only is not considered as the finest quality of the candidate. Your soft skills, interpersonal skills, etc are tested in this round.