What do we offer in School Oriented Program?

Today, the school students have the advantage of excellent high-tech learning and computer expertise needed in today’s workplace.  They grew up with PCs, i-Pads, and Smartphones. They can navigate through the Internet and communicate at the speed of light with a few clicks.  What they sometimes lack are soft skills, interpersonal communication, presentation, time management, problem-solving, and professional etiquette, etc.
Xplore360 soft skills training program for school students is there to help them make good choices today and learn the social and professional skills to be successful in the workplace in the future. We have a series of modules. Also, this program is customized to the student’s needs.

Life Skill Development Program

This program covers the enhancement of the emotional, mental, and physical state of individuals. It covers different issues such as increasing and sustaining accurate attitudes, sustaining self-hope and setting the goals, developing, winning relationships, and building a healthy self-image.
This program is specially designed to cater to the need of participant’s overall life skill development. This program helps the participants develop a higher positive mental attitude, increased confidence level, and effective interpersonal skills.

Future Focused Program

This program is designed to help youth at the grassroots level to bring out their hidden potential and to become what they can best become. It will help individuals in exploring themselves and finding out what is the actual base for our performance and extra productivity with minimum efforts. This program helps participants to know the difference between ordinary and extraordinary, their unique ability that makes them distinct from others. It gives them first-hand experience of their abilities and pulls them up to the level from where they can visualize and work on their ‘Ultimate Dreams’.

Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths encourages students to be creative in problem-solving. It also improves the memory and mental agility of students. It improves the aptitude of students that helps one to develop a better intelligent quotient and gives a competitive edge over others.
This program focuses on equipping the participants with quicker and accurate calculations and developing aptitude skills that help them in the longer run. This program is developed as per the needs and requirements of the students.

Learn To Communicate

This program is designed to equip participants with the essential skills they need to cope up with the English language as a medium of communication. It offers an interactive approach where skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking (LRWS) are integrated to foster various communication opportunities.
Since the main focus of the program is on LRWS, tasks will serve as a springboard to either generate or to compliment speaking. The emphasis put on a variety of language skills and the balance between input and practice throughout the program which will help the candidate become more confident, independent, and competent speaker of English.

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